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Wednesday Offerings

Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday Offeringssssss 1. Getting shit done is really satisfying. I’ve spent the majority of today editing papers, writing documents, reviewing stuff and ticking off my to-do list. Not sure why marking something as ‘complete’ is such a satisfying … Continue reading

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Asa – Be My Man

My mama used to tell me girl It ain’t that cool to see a man you love And start to act the fool Tell me what’s a girl in love supposed to do Tonight, I’m breaking mama’s rule

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Workin’ hard for the moneyyy

Things really are coming up Milhouse with the job situation, looking forward to sharing with y’all when it’s all confirmed and written in stone.  

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Wednesday Offerings

Wednes·day  (wĕnz′dē, -dā′) Off-er-ing – (ô′fər-ĭng, ŏf′ər-) – a combination of the fourth day of the week and the act of making an offer. It’s also a little something-something I’ve been posting to my blog for about a year now … Continue reading

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