What I’ve been listening to, where I’ve been

These past few months have been some of the busiest of my life – and most intense.

I’ve spent the last month working as a logistics coordinator at a festival. The role totally sapped me of the ability to do anything but work, kind of eat, kind of sleep, and reduced my social life to fleeting conversations within arms reach of my telephone and a printed schedule.

Following this, 24 hours after my full time position finished to be exact, I coordinated a community event involving kayaks, giant lanterns, naked flames, and a lot of people. The two sandwiched together was all a bit too much and last night I felt giddy with relief. I even danced, sans music.

But, it’s over now! And I can feel myself unfurling. My muscles are less tense, my phone is on silent, and my mind isn’t racing. Incoming phone calls and text messages have been reduced to phone numbers I recognise. Today was spent doing whatever I felt inclined to do.

Which, in my usual fashion – was to listen to music and potter.

I cleaned, watered plants, danced a little, sent overdue emails, and gave myself room to breath.

Here’s two songs I’ve enjoyed lately.

Local act – Ani Lou

And one from the empire, Rosie Lowe

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