Wednesday Offerings

Wednesday Offerings, a (relatively) shallow exploration of my soul and all I’m thankful for.

  1. Music: I just spent the night swaying my hips to the soulful tunes of Ngaiire. It’s rare to have such an act in Hobart and I’m glad I made the effort to go out solo for such a gig. Ngaiire consumes a space with her presence. Her vocals¬†captivate and I can safely say I wasn’t the only person wiping away a tear during the night.
  2. Neighbours who you like: I bumped into my lovely neighbours tonight and spent the night dancing and talking with them. If someone were to ask me why I like Hobart, my neighbours would definitely be somewhere on the list.
  3. A city with a community feel: Hobart is a funny place. You can spend months feeling completely disconnected and then suddenly, you’re part of the community. Tonight was that night for me. I wandered into a gig alone and managed to bump into not one, or two, or three but four separate groups I felt totally at home with. We danced, drank, laughed and had a damn good time. Never have I understood the need for connection to community as I have in Hobart and luckily, I’m finding that connection I crave.
  4. A job you’d turn up for: Yeah, that’s my day job. I’m feeling pretty lucky.
  5. Music: Did I just re-hash offering number 1? Yes, yes I did. During the week I discovered the delightful sounds of MoRuf and I am diggin’ it.

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