Solace on the internet

Our lives are consumed, almost entirely, by being online. So where does one go online when seeking solace? It’s a differential space, at once precise in purpose (you can find exactly what you want on the internet if it has a specific answer) and then vague (i.e it can’t do emotions). The internet’s response to emotions is vacuous and dissatisfying. You can maybe find some weird solace in reading about other people’s isolating thoughts (hey there, postsecret) or add a thought to the vast pile of anonymous cries for help on one of the many websites available and while you’re at it, feel free to read some of the anonymous cries for help others have thrown on the pile, but really, are these sites helping anyone at all?

The internet is a terrible place for sadness, a more focused person can use it to find the objective answer to their bouts of sadness, through sites such as beyondblue, but those people are few and far between. I know very few people who are objectively emotional – they usually have a person in their life who directs them toward the beacon they need to safely land upon the ragged shores of life.

What is my answer? This blog of course, and my continuous posting of music that makes me feel beyond the realms of shitty day to day trials and tribulations.

Opening a Facebook account has strung me out a little and it’s nice to get back to the space I created to replace Facebook and still feel connected.

So here’s to music and it’s ability to make everything feel that little bit better. Oh, and friends, they’re pretty damn good too.




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