Mofo – my top three.

Working at a music festival means you very rarely see the acts you had hoped to and often discover music you love.

Working Mofo festival was exactly this. As a driver for the festival I clocked something close to sixty hours of driving in 5.5 days and spent a lot of time sitting on my butt, behind the wheel of an 8-seater van, transferring musicians to and from their gigs.  Clocking up an immense amount of hours at a festival makes you really appreciate the moments you have to immerse yourself in the festival experience.

In those moments I discovered artists I have never listened to , that I now love.

Here are my top three:

100% my number one discovery was Kate Tempest.

This woman is a fireball of energy, she shakes and rhymes like Janis Joplin but delivers a 21st century point of view in everything she does. Her British accent frames her message perfectly.

Next: Mirel Wagner.

Damn, I drove Mirel around before I even thought to listen to her music. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t have the time to drop by and see her live, but if her pre-recorded stuff is anything to go by then I know I’ll be at the next gig.

The Flaming Lips.

Truth: I’d never listened to the Flaming Lips till I saw Wayne stick his head through a bunch of tinsel streamers and throw an inflatable ‘Fuck Yeah, Hobart’ sign into the audience. Every moment of the concert was mint. They’re mint. And they’re amazing live.




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