(It’s not even) Wednesday Offerings

Getting in early on my sporadic offering of things to be thankful for:

  1. The natural environment and having time to explore it…

    Cape Raoul, Tasmania...nuff said. Actually, I'm planning to write a blog post about this special place so more will definitely be said.

    Cape Raoul, Tasmania…nuff said. Actually, I’m planning to write a blog post about this special place so more will definitely be said.

  2. Writing: it’s been years since I sat down, embraced silence, and wrote creatively. Tasmania has reignited the flame and writing has once again become a part of my life.
  3. Friends you’d run up mountains to reach: I’ve probably overused this particular offering but dammit, it’s all true. I have some spectacular friends, who continue to be a massive part of my life even though I’ve crossed a strait of water and become a recluse, thanks guys, it means more than I ever say. You keep me sane.
  4. Being a love stumbler. I’m officially labelling myself a love stumbler. I’m blind as a bat to peoples interest in me and am very skilled at pursuing people I thought were interested in me (and I them) only to discover I was completely wrong. It’s not necessarily something I’m thankful for but it has resulted in a number of interesting scenarios that make for damn good stories.
  5. Visiting home: home is, and always will be, home. I can’t wait to wind down the windows and smell the familiar scents of my childhood beckoning me to my family home where, within the first few weeks of living there, I rode a washing machine into the front door and broke a glass pane. Good times.
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