July 1 : Wednesday Offerings

You know, almost every time I write the word Wednesday I silently pronounce it in syllables. Wed…nes…day my mind says, Wednesday my fingers spell, and ‘Wensday’ my eyes and mouth confirm.It’s something I’ve done for a long time and you can safely assume that almost every Wednesday Offering’s blog post I’ve written was preceded by a moment in my mind where the word was broken down and put back together.

I’ve attempted to write a number of blog posts these last few weeks, some were music related (more Emily King references, a little Lianne La Havas), others focused on avenues of interest I occasionally pursue such as beauty, identity, ethnicity. But nothing felt right and each post fizzled well before my hand was anywhere near close to hovering over the publish button.

To kick start inspiration I’m going back to my favorite feel good post…Wed…nes…day Offerings…Without further ado, five things I am grateful for this week:

1. Love – over the weekend I made a less than 48-hour trip to Bendigo to celebrate my nieces birthday. During her birthday party my brother and his partner, now fiance Simone, announced they were engaged. The shouts of joy and happiness were overwhelming and I’ve already teared up several times when retelling the story.

2. Having a good job – When I first moved to Hobart it took a long time to find work, I was stressed, unhappy and felt as if I’d made the wrong decision. Then I got a job and it was the worst job I’ve ever had in my life. I eventually quit and have since moved onto two casual jobs that are both amazing. The difference this has made to my overall well being is almost immeasurable, but the fact that a passerby called me ‘Smiley’ the other day is a pretty good indicator that things are working out.

3. Sun – my sensitivity to sun makes me feel as if I’ve moved to the UK. After a month of freezing mornings and falling on my arse from slipping on ice, Monday and Tuesday’s temperatures of 14 – ish degrees felt heavenly. At one point I even had to step into the shadows because the sun felt ‘too intense’. If someone were to ask me what makes me happy, sunshine would definitely be included…along with music, food, water and so so, SO many other things/people.

4. David Attenborough – man, oh man. I just watched a short interview between President Obama and David Attenborough and am still blown away by the significance of this man to my understanding and appreciation of the natural world. At one point the random thought of ‘would I rather meet David Attenborough or the love of my life?’ popped into my head and I definitely hesitated on the latter. David Attenborough is a living treasure, one of the most remarkable people alive today. He has seen more of the world than any other living person, he’s done things most people only dream of and one of the most beautiful things about this is he is still charmed, fascinated and excited by the natural world. His enthusiasm is contagious and I always have an almost irrepressible desire to run up a mountain or look under rocks after listening to him talk.

5. My niece, Bon Bon – She’s continually learning, growing and becoming her own person. Seeing her over the weekend, snuggling up with her in a bed full of stuffed toys and waking to her crawling over me and pulling at my face is one of the best things that has happened this week by far. Living interstate really makes you appreciate the moments you get to spend with family and friends and I’m so glad I got to spend a few extra hours with Bon before the horde of people arrived for her birthday party the next morning. It was worth the 4 am wake up, 6 am flight and whole day shift the next day. I’d do it again at the drop of a hat.

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