Benjamin Clementine – Condolence

I’d sit through a lot of musicals for a voice like Benjamin Clementine’s….actually, scratch that, it would have to actually be Benjamin Clementine.

In other French news, I recently snuggled up at the State Cinema in Hobart with a glass of wine and original Pringles to watch ‘Samba’, a french film starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Omar Sy. I have had a massive film crush on Charlotte Gainsbourg since I saw the insanely weird, thought provoking and sightly wonderful film ‘Jackie in the Kingdom of Women’. Gainsbourg is also an amazing singer and the daughter of Serge Gainbourg, whose music you probably know without knowing you know. Heh.

Anyway, Samba is set in the beautiful city of Paris and centers around the stories of Samba Cisse and Alice, an illegal immigrant and his volunteer case worker. Samba is magnetic, Alice is vulnerable…and, well, you know what happens. That’s not to say the film isn’t great. The story is done in such a way that it retells a very told story in a new way. You begin to realise that both Samba and Alice are vulnerable in different ways and their opposing strengths carry them through a very terrible trauma.

The film is funny, sad and Omar Sy and Charlotte Gainsbourg as a duo are captivating.

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