Wednesday Offerings (on a Thursday).

I’ve been meaning to blog FOR WEEKS. I think I start almost every blog with this statement, but really…

Wednesday Offering’s is a little thing I started a long time ago to encapsulate all I’m  grateful for. I was reminded of this awesome little slice of my blog by a classmate who keeps a ‘gratitudinal diary’, I’m not sure if gratitudinal is even a word but I agreed with the sentiment and this blog post is the outcome. So here it is, my top five things I’m grateful for this week:

1. Rita and Pat’s wedding: it was an opportunity to see a lot of faces I love in one space, an excuse to visit Melbourne and a chance to celebrate the relationship of two people I have nothing but rapturous praise for. Don’t even get me started on the rest of the family…sheesh!

2. Hitting the pavement with my sister from another mister: I can’t pinpoint the exact moment this ritual started but it probably went something like this….once upon a time, two good friends had an absolutely crazy night and ended up so hung over the next day that they both thought they were going to die. Instead of being couch potatoes they walked for kilometres and kilometres around the northern suburbs of Melbourne, drank fruit juice with ginger, ate ice cream, looked in record stores, tried on clothes and just talked and talked. Eventually they made it home and life continued on until the next big night and deathly hangover. Nkech and I have been doing laps around the northern suburbs of Melbourne since we lived together in 2013. It’s a staple for me and something I can see us doing when we’re old ladies on motorised scooters with bad ass attitudes.

3. New friends and old friends: The theme of this Wednesday Offering’s is obviously friendship. But eh, what can you do? Seeing so many of my old friends over the weekend gave me a dose of all the things I’ve been missing and having coffee with my new friend Bec was the best welcome back to Hobart I could have had.

4. Family: When you see your family and you can see that life is working out for them it makes you feel good. I visited my brothers new house, hugged my niece for most of Sunday and acted like a weirdo with my big sis. Does life get any better?

5. The last of my offerings for this week! Finding a study room at Uni that is super comfy, clean, always abandoned and accessible 24 hours. Cos that’s where I’m at right now, hanging out in a tiny study room procrastinating my little tush off and listening to Courtney Barnett while med students party downstairs in the courtyard.

Now back to that assignment…

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