What I’ve been doing (and other excuses for my long absence).

Well, I got a new phone. That may sound like a stupid excuse, but buying a phone today is kind of like buying a tamigotchi/digimon circa 2000. It is YOUR LIFE. In fact, I could probably download a tamigotchi app and go full circle if I really wanted to. I’m happy to report though that my new phone isn’t my only priority in life; I’ve also ventured into the world of online dating.

I think we should all take a minute and acknowledge the fact that I have previously (and on several occasions) associated online dating with buying things on sale. I’m still pretty unconvinced on the experience, but it definitely is an experience. 

In the first week I saw the profiles of two people I have previously been on dates with (no love lost there), a friend-of-a-friends boyfriend (life is awkward), countless male torsos, dudes in hotted up cars and dudes in poorly lit rooms with sunglasses on. I’ve also talked to some cool people but no-one to write home about. It has been an interesting experiment for me and an exercise in learning about what attracts you to a person. Watch this space.

Life off the inter-webs has also been really interesting. Last week I did another photo shoot with my lovely friend Bree to the theme of Rosie the Riveter. The official pics are yet to be uploaded, but Bree did post the below image to her blog.

Breeana Dunbar Photography - http://www.breeanadunbar.com/blog/

Breeana Dunbar Photography – http://www.breeanadunbar.com/blog/

Later that night I caught up with good friends Nkechi and Sheridan and went to see the Preatures perform at the Corner Hotel in Richmond. I’ve seen the Preatures four times now and know they can deliver a good performance, unfortunately this gig was a little off and I spent the majority of my time forcing myself to think it was up to scratch.

All-in-all, things have been good. I’m busily planning my trip to the US. Chicago and NYC accommodation is booked and things are falling into place. I can’t wait to explore NYC properly! So many exclamation marks could be included here!!! Just yesterday I received an email from our host in Harlem, NYC. Included on the list was a number of gospel churches and I actually yammered with excitement…I think it’s safe to say it was the first time I’ve gone into a frenzy of excitement at the thought of attending service. So home for a week in October will be 135th street in Harlem. For the rest of the month I will be exploring the USA with Justine and Tamzin. The basic plan is to rent a car and travel South, the high level plan is to have an amazing time with two awesome travel companions.

On the downside,  my contract with work will finish two days before I head o/s and is now a catalyst for me figuring my life out. I’m not really sure what I want to do and have basically verbalised every vague plan I’ve come up with. Depending on who you speak with, I will either be living in a remote community in QLD, traveling around Australia writing a blog, traveling around the world, living in Canada, working in Melbourne or striking lucky in contract world and continuing on at work. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? I’m not sure, but come November, this adventurer will most likely be back in Melbourne for the summer, working a random job, figuring out what the hell to do with my life. All of this makes the world seem like a much larger place and reflect on the fact that calling the world someones oyster conjures up thoughts of dark, slippery places that are difficult to get out of and smell like stale ocean water.




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