The summer baby’s demise and all that jazz.

Instant love for the above.

This post is dedicated to my realisation that summer is well and truly over. I’m a summer baby through and through. I visited the doctor a little while ago after weeks and weeks of feeling displaced, she politely pushed a piece of paper in my direction. The top of the page stated in big letters ‘S.A.D’, otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder…otherwise known as the winter blues.

‘Exercise, eat right, sleep well and touch base with me in a few weeks’. I nodded, feeling sheepish, folded the paper and failed to book another appointment on my way out the door.

11 weeks, 78 days, 1877 hours and a few thousand minutes till the seasons change in my favour.

Last week I took time off work and threw myself into what has become an annual volunteer gig for me at Melbourne International Jazz Festival. I absolutely love this festival and the team who put it together; they work tirelessly to make sure the festival is as good as it can possibly be whilst all the while ensuring their volunteers are happy and well looked after. This year was my fifth at the festival and, as per usual, very different from every other year. I worked with three very different groups, ensuring they got to their gigs on time, were fed and had someone around to answer questions about Melbourne and their often busy schedules. Once again it was a great year, but all the more gratifying to receive an email from one of the acts a few days later thanking me for all my help.

Aside from Jazz Festival, I also spent some time with my good friend, Bree, who is currently building her photography portfolio. I met Bree through work and have to say we became friends through slightly unusual circumstances; she did my exit interview and then proceeded to do handover stuff with me for my current role when I didn’t actually ‘exit’.

Bree has since moved on from the office, had a beautiful little baby boy, and has spent time developing her knowledge of photography, building a website and pursuing other interests (hello cakes in jars, I’m looking at you). We’ve managed to stay in touch through sporadic catch ups and a shared sense of humour.

Below is just one of the photos Bree took (click on it to see more), we spent a few hours hanging out and luckily had pretty good weather for some outdoors shots. I found it a little awkward at first but by the time Bree had taken a few shots my youngest child instincts had kicked in and I had to repress the urge to jump in front of the camera, with arms akimbo, screaming ‘look at me, look at me!’.

True story – there is actually video footage of a five year old me dancing in front of a camera singing ‘I am Lucie, I am Lucieeeee’…..

Photographic evidence of me being badass - Breeana Dunbar Photography

Photographic evidence of me being badass – Breeana Dunbar Photography


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One Response to The summer baby’s demise and all that jazz.

  1. she really captured you – when are you both coming up

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