Wednesday Offerings

Youtube has been a bit of a crutch for me lately in the blogosphere so here’s a blog post that doesn’t include a Youtube video!

As many of you will know, Wednesday Offerings is a bit of a tradition on this blog. So without further ado, here are five things I’m thankful for, appreciative of and excited about:

1. What better way to say I’ve booked flights to America than with a picture of Oprah…

indexI’ll be in the States later this year and can’t wait for the adventure to begin. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the USA twice in my lifetime and have signed up for a third trip. The US is an amazing place to explore. It is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to Australia, never let anyone tell you otherwise. Both of my trips there have had highlights and low lights and I wouldn’t swap those experiences for anything (seriously, not even that overnight bus ride from SF to LA on a Greyhound bus – complete with bottles rolling down the aisle and people with questionable aromas – could dampen my love of my trip in 2012).

2. I’ve been planning a work event for two months and I finally get to say sayonara to it tomorrow. I’ve planned this thing down to the minute, I’m on top of catering, papers, contacts and all of that jazz. If anything goes wrong, that’s just life, but at least I know I’ve put in a mammoth effort to make sure nothing does.

3. I’m learning guitar! With a teacher! And he’s cool! My guitar teacher is an absolute, laid-back, champ of a guy. After my first lesson I’ve already picked up some new new ways to pick and strum and am excited about the next gazillion lessons.

4. I bought a jacket with a fur collar and I don’t feel like a douche when I wear it. It’s a nice balance between a practical jacket and the plethora of ridiculous fur vests I own.

5. I’ll sit down for a feast of African food this weekend with good friends and family. Nothing beats eating with your hands amongst friends.

Honorary no.6 – I’m volunteering at Jazz fest again this year! Let the good times begin.

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