Music in Melbourne

Two things that have me buzzing like a bumblebee on acid about the upcoming months are the following gigs –

Asgeir are gracing Australian shores for Splendour and have decided to do a sideshow in Melbourne at the Forum. Iceland has a very unique sound when it comes to music (I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to create a genre titled ‘Icelandic’). Listen to these guys and you will hear little hints of Bjork..I’m not going to continue to compare them to other Icelandic artists because this will expose my complete lack of knowledge on artists from Iceland. For more information of that sort hit up my lovely friends blog – 150 days in Iceland.

Anyway, I’ve been listening and loving Asgeir for a little while now and am ridiculously excited about their performance in July. Watch this space for a follow up blog and watch the Youtube space for their actual music. It’s bliss.

Need some grunge in your life? You need the good quality grungy rock of Anna Calvi (bagpipes included). Both Asgeir and Calvi differ from my usual, almost obsessive, addiction to soul music. Anna Calvi’s music sits nicely within that slightly grungy, rocker, popper, unique category that currently has no name. Calvi has a solid voice and can hit some nice low notes. To catch Calvi in Melbourne hit up the Thornbury Theatre on 30 May. You won’t be disappointed.

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