The slow burner

<Rant begins>

Single Ladies meme

The single ladies predicament

I was speaking with my mum about general, boring things when she strategically maneuvered the conversation toward relationships. ‘Lulu, I met a lovely guy – he’s about your age, has traveled to Africa, is good looking’.

FML. I hate this moment (along with the phrase FML but it seems so appropriate in this context). A key feature in my existence as a single woman is regular suggestions from friends, family and even strangers on potential bachelors I should scoop up.

In a Skype chat with a good friend I broke it down to the belief some people seem to hold about me of ‘I can’t believe she’s single’ (expressed in a similar tone to the 1990’s ad campaign ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’). Refer to ad below.

Anyway, 25 seems to be the age where being single becomes a ‘thing’. As another friend put it, being 25 and single is fine, being 30 and single – people stop being baffled by ‘why’ someone is single and start thinking there must be a reason why that person is single. In other words, girl you better settle before your age necessitates the purchasing of cats, a cute flat full of crap, the sudden ability to bake delicious treats loaded with fat and the donning of garish, poorly cut outfits that scream aahhhmmm a singlle laddddyyyy.

Note, I already rock some garish, poorly cut outfits that do a little screaming…

Anyway, why the single lady rage? Why the simmering rage at literally being pushed toward single men at parties, why the sigh and roll of eyes every time someone suggests a friend you should get to know or chastises you for not taking the bait and hooking up with someone they thought you should or the assumption that dressing up for a night out dancing is a thinly veiled attempt at landing a ‘disco pash’* . I think it’s pretty self-explanatory….

</Rant over>

Disclaimer: *dressing up for a night out dancing is actually a thinly veiled attempt at landing a disco pash. Some actions taken by friends are a necessary evil in the life of a single lady.

Update – within 15 minutes of writing this post a blogger called ilovecats started following my blog.

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