Charles Bukowski and Beethoven

My face is illuminated by the artificial glow of a Macbook Pro and my nose attuned to the not-so-subtle scent of a candle aptly named ‘sugar cookie’. I’ve just come home from watching a documentary about Charles Bukowski and am now listening to Beethoven. Shit just got real.

Writing a blog every day for 365 days is an overwhelming task, especially when the questions do not seek out the topics which make me think, feel and speak. I thought a document entitled 365 Days of Writing Prompts would spark a sense of creativity in me, a desire to learn.

I am yet to find any sense of inspiration amongst the pages of that particular PDF and have quickly become despondent.

Instead, my brain became a fiery place full of thought and emotion when I heard the following verse –

Oh yes - Charles Bukowski

Oh yes – Charles Bukowski


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