Wednesday Offerings

Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday Offeringssssss

1. Getting shit done is really satisfying. I’ve spent the majority of today editing papers, writing documents, reviewing stuff and ticking off my to-do list. Not sure why marking something as ‘complete’ is such a satisfying action but as long as it continues to motivate me to do what I have to do, I don’t really care.

2. I’m officially employed again! Yay! My bosses have spent the last few months working their butts off trying to secure me another contract here and have offered me a six month extension on my current role. Although it’s only six months it’s nice to know that I don’t have to look at job advertisements for a while and that I work for people who like me so much they’re willing to spend quite a few K ensuring I stick around.

3. My music obsession this week has definitely been Rokia Traore. I’ve been listening to her music for at least four hours straight and have no desire to stop anytime soon.

4. ebay, ERHMAGERD. I tend to live by the rule that something is on sale for a reason (this is generally applicable to clothing, household goods and single people with no standards whatsoever). Well, this rule definitely applies to eBay – each parcel that arrives in the mail reiterates this belief and my conviction that online shopping ain’t got nothing on walking into a store and actually seeing something with your own eyeballs.

5. I continue to play the role of the obsessed Aunty. The other day I walked into a store with my sister and literally cooed out loud over a toy. My sister and I proceeded to buy the $60 stuffed toy and stare at it with absolute adoration for the next thirty minutes whilst discussing whether we should name it or leave the decision up to Bon Bon…who can’t actually talk yet.

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