Wednesday Offerings

Wednes·day  (wĕnz′dē, -dā′) Off-er-ing – (ô′fər-ĭng, ŏf′ər-) – a combination of the fourth day of the week and the act of making an offer. It’s also a little something-something I’ve been posting to my blog for about a year now and is usually a synopsis of all the things that have been on my mind, although sometimes it’s just utter garbage. This one falls somewhere in between:

1. It is only recently, and with the purchase of an eBay item, that I’ve come to realise one should never purchase a garment of clothing the same colour as their skin. In my case the epiphany came in the form of a light brown jacket that could easily transform to some kind of camouflage.

2. Don’t trust the man with  gold grills, even if he does have a business card stating he is the founder of a modelling agency. Just don’t.

3. Since moving to Fitzroy I’ve been regularly catching public transport and am happy to report my weekly dose of ‘interesting characters’ and strange happenings has significantly increased.

4. The ‘fro grows! Coincidentally, this is also the face I made when the man with gold grills suggested I contact him for some modelling work.

Exhibit A: 'Fro growth and ambivalent face expression

5. Two job interviews squished around your daily 9-5 makes for a grueling day. Fingers crossed I get some bites!

6. This song –

And this bloggers interpretation of it – Gbenga Awomudu

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