2013 in a nutshell

As I sit here, with a sore head from one too many vinos and inching closer to 25, I thought now would be as good a time as any to reflect on 2013.

Each year I post a pretty long wrap-up blog reflecting on the good, bad and downright ugly.

This year is no different.

All in all, 2013 has been an amazing year. It started at Falls Festival in the mosh-pit of the main stage. After inching my way out of the main crush I found myself a little way up the hill taking in the whole scene. I had somehow lost my friend in the crowd and brought in the New Year with a bunch of happy strangers.

I read somewhere that the way you choose to bring in the New Year generally reflects the kind of year you are going to have. I think my little moment on the hill at Falls is a pretty good summation of how my year has been. I have met a lot of people, been to quite a few festivals, danced a lot and found myself a lot more independent than previous years

After Falls I headed back to the outer suburbs of Melbourne a little deflated at the prospect of an unplanned January. I’d just returned from America a few weeks before Christmas and hadn’t stopped moving since. I found myself insanely bored and a little depressed by the sudden change of pace. To get myself out of the funk I preoccupied myself with a few parties and, randomly enough, a Star Trek marathon that lasted longer than I care to admit.

January actually turned out to be an amazing month. I went to Mossvale Summer of Soul with Nkech and danced on stage with Sharon Jones not once, but twice, I saw Dead Can Dance, went to Big Day Out, saw Lianne La Havas perform at the Corner Hotel, had a rocking birthday party in the park and basically spent the entire month dancing and living the good life. In February I came to the realization that I really needed to knuckle down and look for a full-time job. I began the hunt.

It was a pretty depressing time but I was persistent and maintained my standards. I eventually found something that had a tangible connection to the degree I had completed a few months prior, scored an interview, and started the job in March.

I quickly realized that I wasn’t at all suited to the role and after three months I took a chance and handed in my resignation. I didn’t have another job lined up or any connections that would result in a quick fix but went with my gut feeling and took a risk. It is, without a doubt, the best decision I have ever made. Something (or someone) was working in my favour at the time and I ended up being offered a different contract in the same organisation. I love my current job, it’s challenging and rewarding. I get to use my brain and always find myself working just outside of my comfort zone. I’ve learnt so much from pushing myself and now feel I have useful skills that are applicable to many situations.

Fast forward a few months, a trip overseas and a few houses, and I find myself living in North Melbourne with two friends.

I’ve never been one to settle and in the next eleven days I’ll be moving house again, this time to Fitzroy.

Vietnam: the trip overseas I never actually wrote a post about.

Vietnam: the trip overseas I never actually wrote a post about.

...but I think this sums it up pretty well..

…but I think this sums it up pretty well..

I think to say anything negative in this space, alongside all the good that has happened this year, would be petty. I’ve had ups and downs, just like any person but I’ve re-learnt that I have friends who are…amazing, who know how to pull me out of a bad mood and remind me that everything is pretty damn good.

Tomorrow night is New Years Eve. I was meant to be at Falls Festival again, partying alongside random people, but something clicked in my head and I traded in my ticket for a few days in the country with friends, family and good times….because that’s the kind of year I want 2014 to be.

Happy New Year!

x Lu

These guys.

These guys!

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