Outside the 9-5.

I love the way,

You spend time,

On the things that sustain you. 

It’s endearing to me. 

And it’s good for you. 


Woah now, I haven’t blogged for a long time. Is this a sign that my life has become a little boring and same-same? I think it kind of is…but considering I haven’t posted a blog for well over 20 days now, I’m sure I can condense the last few weeks into something more interesting than, ‘I woke up, had breakfast, went to work, came home, had dinner and went to bed’…surely!

I don’t think I’m mentally equipped for the corporate world, I have the good fortune of having a window seat but this has resulted in me staring listlessly out the window, mourning the lost opportunity of many a glorious day. To make up for this, I’ve started to have elaborate weekend adventures, waking up at 6.30 ish on most Saturdays and proceeding to cycle, walk or motorbike whenever possible.

The other weekend I cycled over to Coburg and returned home with a few kilos of good soil, several plants and one I purchased purely because it is called ‘African Queen’. Afterward I headed home and ripped into the back garden, moved pots around, gingerly side stepped red back spiders and tried to get a bit more zen.

One thing I’ve really noticed is that I seem to have lost touch with what makes me most happy and now find it difficult to identify what I am most passionate about in life.

I was recently talking to a friend about this and noted that people who lack passion seem to have this kind of indiscriminate and unlikeable way of trying to do everything and anything they have observed others enjoying. As a result, they can become burdensome and a little boring as they never challenge themselves or expose you to new ideas. I’ve been trying to relocate what I am passionate about, which has resulted in quite a lot of exploring and flying solo.

Last night I attended an acting information session and watched some very intense monologues, I’m not particularly keen (i.e – not at all interested) in being an actress but am into the idea of learning how to break down those barriers and relax (or be swept up) into an emotion. It was really fascinating to see how the various actors achieved this. A lot of the activities were similar to meditation and involved deep breathing, muscle relaxation and focus. All things I am keen to learn.

The classes don’t start till next year but I am keen to set aside some time and dedicate it to learning a meditative like activity suited to my flitted mind.




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