It’s an update!

Getting into a creative space is hard. Having the motivation to do something to get you into that space is even harder.

I’ve been trying to write a blog for a while now, I’ve touched on a lot of topics and haven’t really found a rhythm in any of them. After weeks of this and only contributing the odd Youtube video to my little home on the internets I decided it was time to mix up my life a little and get the motivation back.

So what am I doing to achieve this? Well lets break it down “Wednesday Offerings” style.

1 – Go out and dance…every…single…week: Nothing gets me more motivated and happy in life than tapping my toes. For the past few weeks I’ve made the effort to go out and dance at least once during the week. It’s been Tuesdays at Workers Club to the beat of Eagle and the Worm and Wednesdays at No Lights No Lycra to whatever they decide to play. Tuesday is also a good opportunity to have a friend reunion with people I don’t get the chance to catch up with that much and completely chill the hell out.

2 – Actually practise singing and make a concerted effort to do something with it: The other night I told my housemate that by the end of the year I fully intended to be up on a stage singing some backup vocals. Now that I’ve said it out loud I actually have to follow through – darn.

3 – Explore the internet a little less and life a little more: I am definitely prone to curling up in a ball in bed and having way too much one-on-one time with the internet. I’m basically an RSS feed for Youtube, Twitter, The Age website, Behance or Black Girl with Long hair. Do people even use RSS feeds anymore? Did people ever use RSS feeds?

4 – Go for long whimsical bike rides on the weekend: …as opposed to the crash and bash style I do on my commute to work every morning….this will soon include long whimsical motorbike rides.

5 – Take the weekend more seriously – and do weekend stuff. Sleep in, go to markets, eat good food, catch up with people, lie in the grass, get a hobby and if the weather permits, wear a onesie.

As I mentioned, the last two Tuesday nights have been spent at the Worker’s Club dancing to Eagle and the Worm. Last night was a bit of the same. The band played an amazing set and had a supporting band that kicked arse as well. The Bluebottles had a really nice surfer vibe to their music which tied in beautifully with what Eagle had to offer.

On the way home from the gig, my housemates and I came across a massive Dove billboard covered in bathers. For the past few years Dove has been on a mission to encourage women to embrace their natural beauty. They’ve had some memorable campaigns that are worth watching on Youtube. The billboard is an extension of the theme and states that ‘Australian girls will avoid swimming because they feel bad in a bathing suit’. They decided to really drive this point home by covering a whole billboard in bathers and, judging by the amount of bathing suits that have been ripped off, I’d say the majority of confident/opportunistic women of Melbourne hang out in the northern suburbs…being the slightly crazy kids we are we yanked a few swim suits off as well and had our picture taken by a guy who was planning to use them for a dress up party.

Over the weekend I finally got around to getting my motorbike learners permit. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a LONG time, but after receiving a decent tax return and landing a new job I actually took the time to book the appointment and follow through. The course ran from 8am – 6pm on Sunday and covered all of the basics. I learnt how to do an emergency stop, swerve to avoid crappy drivers, change gears, pivot, weave through cones and a whole heap of other things. At the start of the day I was actually pretty terrified of getting on the bike and spent at least two hours thinking I’d made a bad decision but by the end of the day I couldn’t of been more comfortable in the seat and found myself reluctant to leave. It’s hard to describe how enjoyable motorbike riding is, it can really send your mind into overdrive and I spent a lot of time thinking about how I was going to take a corner, where I was looking and about my actual posture whilst I rode.

After I passed my practical and theory test I headed home and on the way saw a high speed chase involving a police car and motorbike…

A lot of things have happened since I posted my lame Alexander Wang blog. I went on a blind date with a friend of a friend, put my hand up at an auction and bid over $400 for a jacket (and felt hella panicky until someone outbid me), planned and executed an insanely good house party with my housemates, had one of those crazy nights that can only really happen at Cherry Bar, made plans to move in with some other friends because my sublet is coming to an end, bought a goldfish that has some serious medical issues (it’s constipated, swims upside down and has cost me over $70) and planted rocket in the vegie garden at home.

I’ve also been lucky enough to see my gorgeous niece a few more times and can’t believe how much she looks like her papa.

So sorry about the long delay between blogs! And I’ll try to be a better blogger, I swear. The song I was writing is coming along okay but is no where near listening worthy just yet.

See you back here soon,

x L

p.s – WordPress just told me that two years ago today I registered this blog. Thank you to everyone who has stuck around and read all of the random thing’s I’ve posted on Me, Oh My!

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