Being a Lucille.

There are very few people who call me or even know my name is Lucille and every now and then I still manage to surprise a friend with this fact.

People often ask me why my parents decided to give me such a French sounding name (Lucille Marie) when my siblings names have a slightly more obvious connection to our family history and/or African heritage.

Although they’ve made vague connections to B.B Kings guitar, I’m not entirely sure and I’ve asked them enough times to realise that they aren’t either. One thing I do know though is that there are a hell of a lot of cultural references tied to the name Lucille and because of this I’ve had a lot of people break into song around me, including an airport security guard in the US who sang ‘Lucille, please come back where you belong’.

Last night a friend asked me if I’d heard Anthony Hamilton’s cover of the famous Kenny Rogers song Lucille and after listening to it I have started to realise that, when it comes to cultural references, all Lucille’s seem to be pretty irresponsible women.

Take the above song –


So you choose to lose someone who loves you,

And a real good friend

For a bottle of gin, for a bottle of sin.


And then that Little Richard one –

I woke up this morning, Lucille was not in sight.

I asked my friends about her but all their lips were tight.

Lucille, please, come back where you belong.

I been good to you, baby, please, don’t leave me. 


And THEN the Kenny Rogers one where Lucille leaves four children and a husband at home, bitterly explaining that she’s ‘no quitter but I finally quit living on dreams’ and then proceeds to take a stranger back to a hotel room after her husband confronts her shaking with a broken heart.

And then there is the story of how B.B. Kings guitar actually became known as Lucille.

As I have gotten older my name has grown on me and just like my crazy ‘fro hair and African heritage, I’ve come to really appreciate it for what it is. I don’t think I come anywhere close to being the kind of Lucille’s these songs describe, but having a name that so many feisty women have owned does make me feel just that little bit more sassy.


And then of course there is this Lucille…



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2 Responses to Being a Lucille.

  1. Andrew says:

    I haven’t thought of Anthony in years! He had some good songs.

    But mainly after reading this post, you have proven how much better your name is. My name belongs in the boring department.

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