One of those things I really don’t need…but I want…


I’ve been eyeing off the Instagram camera for a little while now and even though I know it will make me look like some kind of hybrid hipster-yuppie (those words should never be seen in a sentence together ever again) I still want it. 

I recently read this article about this hunk of delightful junk and it’s definitely worth a read…here’s the part that perfectly described how I feel about The Socialmatic (shitty name)…

“WARNING: The following idea is extremely silly. But it’s one of those ideas that, while a bit obnoxious at first glance, has the potential to make you smile once, maybe even giggle. Before you know it, that idea is taking you out to drinks, calling for a second date, late night sexting you, and meeting your mother. While you’re not ready for marriage–heavens no–maybe you’d move in, and a tattoo of the idea is just as forever as diamonds, right?”


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