Things my mama never taught me (because I had to learn it the hard way)

I have been pretty lazy with posting lately… actually I think I’ve pretty lazy in general, I just put chocolate on the other side of the room because I knew this would be the only thing that would stop me from eating it.

Anyway, I started writing this blog because I recently had the pleasure of making an idiot of myself and it has inspired me to write a blog on things my mama never taught me (because I had to learn the hard way).

Being drunk isn’t nice, in any sense of the word. 

Yes, I was horrendously drunk on the weekend and it’s really made me reassess my drinking habits. I love a good party, I love to dance, I love to laugh and I love the kind of crazy banter you can only really get when alcohol is involved. Unfortunately I enjoyed all of this a little too much over the weekend and have spent the better part of the weekend slapping myself on the forehead as each memory returns.

I don’t need anyone to remind me of the weekend, in fact I’d prefer it if you didn’t, I’m just going to go crawl under a rock with my empty whisky bottle and try to forget about the cringeworthy sequence of events which occurred.

If you can’t remember what happened, you probably should be concerned…for a number of reasons

Is this related to the first lesson? Most definitely. Fortunately, it wasn’t the kind of night where I woke up in the front yard of a strangers house (disclaimer: this has never happened to me), although it was the kind of night where everything is a little hazy and it really has made me realise that without good friends by your side, those kind of situations can become a whole lot more dangerous.

Being cool should never be your priority

Now this isn’t related to the weekend at all, but something I learned a couple of weeks ago when volunteering. I had the opportunity to sit in on a masterclass where the students were asked to describe jazz and then describe soul music. Every student in the class completely disassociated the two except for one guy with a crazy hat and oversized glasses who likened jazz to Louis Armstrong and described it with words that made the more uptight students shuffle awkwardly in their seats.

After the class the conversation came up again and the guy who had posed the question to the students shrugged his shoulders and said, ‘they all just trying too hard to impress me’.

I’m not going to completely agree with him, but I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced the pressure of trying to fit in and be cool. The crazy thing about trying to conform, which you only learn through experience and confidence, is that being yourself is the only way you’re ever going to be ‘cool’.

Unrequited love and break ups suck, on both sides of the fence. 

Almost everyone I know has experienced some sort of unrequited love, whether it be loving someone or someone loving them…and it sucks. It sucks being the person who is loved and the person who loves – no one wins.

When I was younger I always thought it would be better to be the person who does the breaking up, who is loved – but it ain’t necessarily so. It’s a horrible situation either way you cut it and as the person who is loved you are usually put in the awkward position of being emotionally responsible for that other person.

Then there is the person who loves…who usually ends up feeling slightly insane because they are fighting their heart with their head. This person spends the majority of their time reassuring themselves and others that they are doing fine, when the reality often feels completely different. It’s a phase and one that eventually passes, in the meantime try to distract yourself and just grin and bear it.

You’re only happy if you’re happy

And finally, this is a no brainer. You’re only happy if you’re happy. You can’t fake happiness, well you can – but it doesn’t really have the longevity of the real thing and it’s no where near as satisfying. Figure out what and who makes you happy and go with it. I might question why you collect toy cars (at $250 a pop) but I’m not going to question that look on your face when you describe the intricate details and hours of work put into creating them. It’s that look – go find it.

So this is the first proper blog I’ve done since May and I’ve left out a lot of important stuff. As previously mentioned I was lucky enough to spend a weekend with an international band who became a bit like family over the course of four days. By the end of the weekend I had to hold back tears as I said goodbye and life hasn’t really felt the same since. I learnt a lot from these guys and it’s really made me reassess where I am in my life and the direction I am currently taking…. I get the feeling that this time next year I probably won’t be sitting on my bedroom floor in Clifton Hill, or even Australia for that matter.

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