Disco Biscuit Love

Everybody has a song that represents a significant moment in their life. It could be that song your parents used to listen to when you were a kid and grownup parties were just bright lights, loud noise and colour or the song played at the funeral of somebody important to you, which resonates through your whole being. 

I have a really strong memory of sitting on a school bus with my friends after a school camp. My whole year level was on the bus singing along to songs on the radio and then ‘Forever Young’ by Youth Group came on. We all kept singing along, pretty oblivious to everything and then suddenly a girl burst out crying. I remember someone leaning in to whisper that the song had been played at her sisters funeral. It was a weird moment, and one that has stayed with me for more than ten years now. Strangely enough now whenever I hear that song I think of that moment and that girl and her sister. 

There are plenty of songs like this, I think I mentioned in a post way-way back that the song ‘All My Life’ by KCI and JoJo was my sad song for a long time (lame, I know). In the last two years I’ve added a few songs to that list, basically anything by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings makes me think about one of the craziest nights of my life at Cherry Bar, but the most random song that conjures memories for me is ‘Disco Biscuit Love’ by the Jezabels.

When I was in the U.S. I became obsessed with this ridiculously depressing song and would listen to it non-stop. I remember one day walking through Yosemite National Park after a six or so hour hike and my first shower in three days. I was feeling pretty fresh and exuberant about life, I’d just spent the last few hours talking to a guy at the camp site and was heading back to have drinks at the hotel bar. I was listening to music on random and suddenly the song came on. Because I was in such an energised and happy mood it took on a whole different meaning and I remember I just started to run. It is really weird to explain it now, and I feel like it could potentially come across as a little cray-cray. But I ran, really fast, for a few k’s and eventually came to an open grassy area where deer were grazing in the afternoon sun. It….was….strange… 

Every now and then I get the urge to listen to that song and it always take me back to that exact moment.

Running through Yosemite National Park, feeling weightless and elated as all hell. 



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