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Ahhh! Crazy week, followed by more crazy weeks. I’m a sucker for punishment when it comes to scheduling the crap out of my week and these past few are a testament to this.

I don’t know why I became so obsessed with the idea of being busy, maybe I got it from mum. When I was a kid it seemed like mum was always busy. If she wasn’t doing shift work as a nurse, she was either cooking insanely delicious food, scrubbing something, washing clothes, ironing or chasing after us kids. I cannot recall a single day from my childhood where mum served up a plate of chips, pizza or something pre-made. We were so spoilt flavour wise that we’d beg mum for foods that we’d had at our friends houses that seemed foreign and delicious to us yet entirely normal and boring to everyone else. I remember staying at a friends house and being slightly amazed when her mum served up a store bought burger and chips for dinner, we washed it down with coke and it felt like I was living the dream.

Now that I’m older I realise how damn lucky I am to have a mother that will spend the afternoon making chilli paste with kaffir lime leaves or creating a delicious curry from scratch. My mum is amazing, nothing I have ever eaten has tasted better than the food I’ve had at home.

Along with mums crazy schedule, dad was always busy as well and before he started working from home we’d see him for maybe two-three hours a day. I remember sitting around waiting for dad to get home so that we could sing songs and play guitar together. I’d wait, pretty impatiently, and eventually the dogs would start barking and I’d stand by the window and wait for the car lights to appear. After dinner we’d usually curl up on the couch and sing Bob Dylan songs together. I figured out at a pretty early age that Hurricane was a ridiculously long song and by learning as many verses as possible I could stay up that little bit longer. Imagine a ten year old kid with a knotty ‘fro singing ‘pistol shots ring out in the bar-room night…’ with a whole lot of swagger and you’ve got a pretty good picture of what I was like.

Fast forward fourteen years and I’m now emulating the work patterns I observed as a child. I’m not going to crap on about all the stuff I have planned for this week, because that’s what daily planners are for, but I will say that even though I’m crazy busy it’s fun stuff like volunteering at PBS Radio, going to a gig with my sister, singing lessons in my old neighbourhood, catching up with people I haven’t seen for months and moving in with friends.

I was going to post Chet Fakers I’m Into You but then I remembered I listened to this a while  ago and loved it more than a little bit –

They also did a super mellow cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit that is worth a listen.

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