Pressed – There Should Be a Greeting Card for That

I recently read this post on We Will Begin Again and instantly connected with it.  I was born with this weird thing called Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct, which means that my hearing in my right ear has been slowly deteriorating since I was a kid. As a result, I have next to no hearing in my right ear and for some weird reason pretty shitty hearing in my left. If you’re on my left, I’m great in one on one conversation, but take me to a party and I’m so intent on just hearing the conversation that I usually completely stop talking and zone out.

I have a few hearing aids kicking around the house, my newest one is gold and has three settings. One for every day use, another for noisy environments and the last one is for when you are on the phone or in a lecture theatre or cinema that wirelessly connects to your hearing aid and feeds the sound directly into your ear. I’m so over telling people that I’m hearing impaired, that I have seriously thought about getting a jumper printed with just that written across the front.

If you’re keen, read it here.


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