Life since that other blog I wrote..

Since October I have pretty much been in holiday mode. I’ve travelled overseas, been to a few festivals, a hell of a lot of gigs and lounged around in general. I have worked a little, but in comparison to a lot of my friends, the hours I have clocked up in a work environment these past six months are pretty insubstantial.

So by the time it got to Friday after one week back in a 9-5 role I felt like I’d been staring  at the sun since Monday. From about Wednesday onwards, my eyes definitely took on a reddish tinge and by the time five o’clock ticked over on Friday, I had pretty much mastered the art of sleeping in an upright position.

It’s been a hectic week! I’m enjoying my new job and getting to know people a little better. There aren’t really many people in the office that are my age, but the ones that are are really easy to get a long with and the ones that aren’t definitely have some pretty admirable skills when it comes to technology and research. One lady, who has to be at least 65 years old is a pretty rocking touch-typist and has managed to trace her family history back to the 1500s, all from the comfort of her desk chair.

Working in a research based environment makes me realise how much I’ve come to rely on Google to give me the answers. Aside from looking at street maps and band pages, I haven’t seen anyone in the office use Google for work related requests, and I’ve had to fight the urge to do so. It almost seems like using Google to do archival research is like listing Wikipedia on your reference list for an essay. You just don’t do it, and if you do you instantly lose a little credibility.

I like a challenge though and I’ve already requested a few of my own family’s records and done a little research.

Aside from work, I’ve just been catching up with a lot of friends I don’t get the chance to see that often and have managed to squeeze in a few gigs as well. On Sunday I went to the Northcote Social Club and saw Ngaiire and on Thursday I did some serious booty shaking and shed my bodyweight in sweat to Saskwatch at Cherry Bar. Segue to a rocking new clip  –

I feel like I always end up talking about music in my blog, and this week is definitely no exception. A couple of days ago I read a few stray articles in the news about Michelle Shocked saying some pretty derogatory things about homosexuality. If you read back through my posts far enough, you’ll find that I’m a bit of a Michelle Shocked fan and that when I was in the US, she invited Tay and I up on stage to dance with her. I think I was pretty tame in the blog, but at the time I can clearly remember Tay and I screaming out Michelle Shocked lyrics as we rode our bikes back to our accommodation in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

So when I read the news that Michelle had gone on a crazy rant about homosexuality I couldn’t really believe it… but then I heard the recording and the woman does sound genuinely crazy. It’s really disappointing when someone you admire manages to completely change your perception of their personality for the worst and I hope there is a logical explanation for her being a crap person that night.

Okay, it’s Saturday night and I’ve got an overgrown kid to babysit. He just lifted the coffee table off the floor with his butt and has put every single cushion in the house in a very random, and slightly dangerous place, such as the staircase. And he just walked across my toes, ouch!

Trying to get my foster brother, David, to smile in a photo is pretty much impossible. Getting him to look at the camera just doesn't happen....

Trying to get my foster brother, David, to smile in a photo is pretty much impossible. Getting him to look at the camera just doesn’t happen….



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