Beasts of the Southern Wild and other schtuff.

Back track a few months to December ’12 and you would have found me curled up in a hostel bed with a cup of ginger tea watching Beasts of the Southern Wild. It’s a beautifully put together film that never fails to make me think of my time in New Orleans and the energy of that place. The lead actress, Quvenzhane Wallis, has an awesome little ‘fro and manages to hold your attention for the entire film, which is pretty amazing in itself when you think she is all of nine years old.

I could go on about other characters, such as Wink and Mrs. Bathsheba. Or the slow paced script that captures everything there is to love and hate about the south, but I feel like I’m waffling a little.

Hushpuppy and Wink

On Wednesday I’ll be going to see Dead Can Dance. I became obsessed with this strange ensemble after seeing the film Baraka. The film encapsulates some haunting and intense footage that was shot from around the world, showing human kind in it’s best, worst and seemingly truest form.

I’m pretty excited to be seeing them, I bought the ticket off Gumtree from a lady whose husband can’t attend. I spoke with her on the phone the other day and we lamented the fact that we both had no friends who were even the slightest bit interested in going. So basically it will be myself going alone and this random lady and we’ll be sitting next to each other. We’ll probably have some kind of awkward conversation that will teeter off into silence after about five minutes and then I’ll spend the rest of the concert with my eyes closed, trying to maintain the illusion that Dead Can Dance are not only a talented, but cool looking duo…

Dead Can Dance


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