…are those custom made ear plugs?


People say six hours spent at the hairdressers is a little over the top, I say six hours with my butt on a seat compared to four years waiting for my hair to grow is good time management…

As you might have noticed, I’ve once again gone from a frizzy little ‘fro to long locks. My hair was starting to drive me a little insane and the DIY haircuts definitely weren’t helping the situation, so on Thursday of last week I made my way down to my local African hairdresser and spent the afternoon having my head mercilessly raked with a hairbrush by three African women who spent most of the afternoon tearing away at my scalp and jokingly insulting each other.

Last year I was pretty keen to get braids but decided to wait until I was in the U.S as I figured it would be cheaper, well I was kind of wrong. My local place charges the same amount as the hairdressers I went to in the States – minus the tip, they cut the braiding time down by about two hours…and they also bought me chicken for lunch, which…was….delicious.

Anywho, things have been rolling along pretty well. I finally have a full-time job, have booked my flights to Bluesfest,  managed to sweet talk my parents into letting me borrow their fancy-pants car (although, there are definitely some conditions I agreed to which I already regret, such as the daily update on the cars welfare) AND I just found out the other day that for a month of Sundays I will get to wear pyjamas to work and play games with kids.

[A winning combination – an amazing artist doing an in-store at one of my favourite music spots, you can watch a complete video here]

On Thursday I went to Lianne La Havas’ concert at the Corner Hotel with my sister, Estelle and friends. I can’t really remember when I started to go crazy about Lianne La Havas but I’ve been listening to her music on repeat for a long time now and went a bit mental when I found out she was going to come to Melbourne. I remember the exact moment, I was sitting on a nondescript bed in some nondescript location, checking my emails. It came up on my Twitter news feed and I basically started screaming and babbling incoherently to the three other people in the room. I put off buying tickets for quite a while and instead hinted to my parents several times that it would make the perfect Christmas gift. Mum and Dad weren’t too big on the hints but I think Estelle got pretty sick of me talking about the gig and bought me tickets for my birthday. ANYWAY, it was amazing, and I definitely wasn’t the only person there who was swaying with their hands held to their chest and with stars in their eyes – okay, that sounds creepy…but I swear that was the general vibe in the room that night.

After the gig, Nkechi, Estelle, Ross and I eventually made our way around the back and got the chance to meet Lianne a second time. She’s a really cool chick and we hung out for a little while, took some photos, joked about how vertically challenged we were and about how our hair all just morphed into one ball of fuzz in the polaroids.

The next day Estelle and I woke up kind of early and went to Big Day Out with Sheridan and Holla. I honestly feel like I’m getting a little too old for Big Day Out. I felt like one of those dorky older people you sometimes see at festivals who just don’t give a shit about the way they dance and totally break loose in front of all the ‘youngins’.

Okay, it’s now 1.30 am and I really should stop writing this little synopsis. I’ve been playing a lot of guitar and have written some angst-y songs that are probably not the most subtle… I’m going to try and upload a video up here one of these days.

I feel like I haven’t been meeting the usual randoms like the ones I wrote about whilst in the States or on my various public transport adventures, but I’m sure it’ll happen one of these days and you guys will be the first ones to hear about it. Probably the most random things to happen of late is that I hung out with a random girl at BDO for the whole of Alabama Shakes’ set who turned out to be a violinist who had performed earlier that day after asking if her ear plugs were custom made.  I also found out she had also been at the Lianne La Havas concert the previous night as well and we spent a decent five minutes or so just talking about how amazing the concert had been and how we were now in love with Lianne … it definitely made me feel a little less stalker-ish. Then there was the work colleague who told me I looked sexy about five times in one conversation on Sunday, it was a little strange to say in the least….especially because she mentioned that when she first saw me that day it was from behind… what do you even say to that?!

x Lu

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