Job searching vs. livin’ la vida loca

I’m currently in the throes of applying for a full-time work and am trying to stick to applying for things that I actually give a damn about.

In Australia, we’re lucky in many respects, especially when it comes to economics. A few weeks ago, I made my way down to the my local Centrelink and signed up for the Newstart Allowance, so basically the whole time I am looking for work and right up until I find something full-time or at least a wage I can survive on, the Government supports me financially. There are a couple of downsides to this arrangement, namely the fact that you have to apply for 10 jobs a fortnight, so you end up scrounging around on job seeker websites, applying for things that scream ‘dodgy’ or ‘you’re better off punching yourself in the face full-time, because this position is pretty much equivalent to that’…

It’s been interesting so far, I had a job interview the other day at a restaurant and skipped out on another job interview that just seemed like it lead to a career of disappointment (the woman that interviewed me over the phone kept calling me hon’). I went and did my RSA certificate in an attempt to become more employable in the hospitality sector and ended up going out for drinks with the instructor after the course.

But I am hopeful that something a bit more suited to what motivates me in life will come along some time soon, in the mean time I guess I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed and continue to visit job websites at all hours of the day.

Anyway, moving on – yesterday was my birthday and I thought I’d celebrate it in a pretty low-key way instead of the raucous (and insanely fun) night last year where a big group of friends and I danced for a solid few hours in the rain at Rooftop Bar on Swanston Street. Everybody else had left, but it was hot, raining and we all just wanted to dance, drink and have fun.

So this year I invited a few people out to see Searching for Sugarman at the Moonlight Cinemas in the Botanical Gardens. It ended up being a pretty big group and there were about 20 of us squished onto four picnic rugs. I think about 70% of the group was tipsy and the rest were just happy to go along with the general vibe.

It was a lot of fun! I can’t help but think we could have easily done the same thing in another part of the park, sans movie, and still had an amazing time. There were copious amounts of food, a lot of champagne and quite a few punters eyeing us off in a hostile manner because admittedly, we were a little noisier than every other group in the park.

Anywho, right now I’m sitting on my bed surrounded by papers, a plate covered in crumbs, my phone, guitar, and some presents from yesterday (XX tickets and delicious Lush things!!). I’m somewhere between applying for two jobs (one of which has a job description of over six pages), singing songs, writing this blog and fighting the urge to go outside.

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