Shake what your momma gave you.

Let them knock upon my door
Until their hands are black and blue
I’m not answering for no one
Until my man and I are through

When we’re makin’ love
You know the world ain’t got nothing, oh nothin’ to do
Cos when we’re makin’ love
I don’t answer to nobody but you

Let Them Knock – SJDK

I really just want to write a blog full of expletives, because it’s pretty hard to explain how amazing this week has been without dropping the f-bomb more than a hundred time or so, but I’ll give it a shot.

Since Falls Festival and my shameful three hour Star Trek marathon, I’ve spent a lot of my time out of the house, hanging with friends and sleeping on their couches.

Things started to get a little interesting when I went to a house party two weeks ago where home-made vokda, gin, Kahlua, beer and wine were in ample supply and a bowl of weed sat square in the middle of the table with complimentary papers included. I had a festival on the next day, so I decided to have a pretty quiet night and spent the evening meeting new people and watching some pretty spaced out individuals get very very high.

I spoke to one guy at the party for a while who told me he wanted to write a philosophical text on questions he had, that had never been answered. I asked him what kind of questions he had and expected some pretty complex theories or trains of thought to escape from his mouth. I definitely didn’t expect him to lean forward, and in hushed tones say, ‘well, why can’t the government print more money?’. I continued to listen to his various theories on this for a decent fifteen minutes whilst all the while suppressing the urge to scream ‘inflation’..

The next day I hit the road with Nkech for a pretty short road trip up to Leongatha for the Summer of Soul music festival in Mossvale park. We pretty much spent the whole trip up eating strawberries and talking about embarrassing things we’d done, I seriously almost ran off the road at one point because I was laughing so hard. The festival we went to is a pretty small one, but draws a very dedicated and easy going crowd of around 2000 people. It was definitely a family friendly environment, and I think the best way to describe the atmosphere is that there were a lot of lawn chairs, picnic rugs and delicious food. It was an amazing day, I basically spent the whole time dancing, eating, dancing, eating and dancing.

Toward the end of the night Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings performed. This woman is an absolute fire cracker, her band is tight and her back up singers are these two amazing women called Sandra and Starr who bring it. At this point in the night, Nkechi and I had already met Sharon, Sandra and Starr back stage and we were more excited than I can put into words. We spent the whole set side of stage, dancing and seriously shaking what our momma’s gave us. At one point Sharon turned and asked us to come up on stage…and after this I basically can’t remember anything, I think I had some kind of peak of happiness blackout.

It. was. amazing.

Nkechi, Meghan and I with Sharon Jones, Sandra and Starr.

Nkechi, Meghan and I with Sharon Jones, Sandra and Starr.

Now I’m struggling to continue to write this blog, but in a nutshell the week continued to be amazing. Nkechi and I went and saw SJDK perform again, danced on stage again and afterward caught a lift with two very random girls who, upon learning we are both part Nigerian, put on some Nigerian pop, turned it up loud and ferried us to another bar in the city.

I spent another night sleeping on the couch and would’ve looked like a complete creeper because I woke up with a smile plastered across my face and in the exact same position as when I’d fallen asleep.

On another note, I have discovered an app that records you sleep talking, so far it’s picked up on me talking about the weather and mentioning that something was ‘fantastic’ in a slightly posh accent…I’m sure there will be more of that to come.

Holla and Ede in Walkerville - every time I see all of the Deacons I can't help but feel I'm hanging out with my own 'fambly'.

Holla and Ede in Walkerville – every time I see all of the Deacons I can’t help but feel I’m hanging out with my own ‘fambly’.

We spent enough time on the beach for me to start foraging like a creature and create things - some rings I made.

We spent enough time on the beach for me to start foraging like a creature and create things – some rings I made.

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