Why, hello there 2013.

Getting my kicks in 2013

Getting my kicks in 2013

It’s 2013, and for some weird reason I’ve been sitting on my butt for the last three hours watching Star Trek. I’ve never watched an episode of Star Trek until now, and it’s strangely addictive, in that slightly dodgy, obviously produced on a limited budget, shitty yet strangely enticing kind of way.

I started 2013 at Falls Festival, I rolled out of my sleeping bag at 7.30 am, packed up my campsite, had a quick cold shower and headed into the main arena to clean up after 15,000 people. The whole place was an absolute mess and even after six hours of picking up rubbish I honestly couldn’t see how my efforts had assisted, but had to be happy with the knowledge that they apparently had. I struck out across a paddock with a few of the other staff and along the way found a whole heap of unopened cans of food, packets of lollies…. and a five dollar note, which I promptly snatched off the ground and danced around with for a decent twenty seconds.

So this is the start of a new year and the other one is already 72 hours behind me.

2012 was a pretty amazing year, I managed to travel overseas three times (adding up to a total of three months overseas), did a trip around the U.S and some of Canada on a ridiculously tight budget, bought a really shit car that drove me (no pun intended) to tears at least three times and even resulted in my banging the steering wheel at one point laughing, crying and actually screaming ‘why’ and another time singing an improv rap song about why my car is so shit. Amazing, anyway, moving on…

I loved 2012, I wish I could a lot of it again. I finished my Certificate III in Library/Information Services, I completed my Undergraduate degree and can now put the letters BA and BsC behind my name (isn’t it funny that a Bachelor of Arts is BA but a Bachelor of Science is BsC…I guess you wouldn’t want a degree to be written as BS…), I volunteered at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival and Falls Festival, went to Golden Plains and had a hell of a lot of fun shaking my butt to some mighty fine tunes.

That is 2012 in a nutshell. A lot more happened than that, there were definitely some insanely good times and insanely bad times (refer to driving scenes above), but all in all life seems to be throwing more surprises at me and most of which I can handle.

A few days after I returned from the States, I spent a little while cutting out paper hearts and putting my new year resolutions on them. I cut out about 12 or so and they are all stuck up on my bedroom wall with promises and expectations I have for the next twelve months.

Yesterday, after finally selling my ever unreliable Brumby named John, I was able to rip one of those hearts down. This really does feel like a promising year.

And right now, well I’m still watching Star Trek but I’m going to excuse my lazy arse behaviour with the fact that I mowed the lawn in some pretty intense heat, took the little dude I’m currently dog sitting for two walks and did four loads of washing in my very labour intensive twin tub washing machine.

Let’s keep this thing updated!

x Lu

Tracee Ellis Ross is cray-cray in all the right kind of ways.

Tracee Ellis Ross is cray-cray in all the right kind of ways.

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