The 5th December

Admittedly I wrote this a few days ago – but I’ll still post it regardless.

I’m chilling out in Gangzhou airport after a gruelling two days of travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles and now China.

In about an hour I’ll jump on another plane for an approximately nine hour trip and then I’ll be home.

It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day in Gangzhou, it’s almost 8 am and I’ve got a great view out the window of the international departure lounge. The sun is casting a golden glow over everything and, if it weren’t for the hours I’ve spent in transit and the proliferation of Mandarin on all of the signage in this airport, I’d still think I was in L.A.

There’s not too much I can say about my last few days in San Francisco. Aside from only having about $70,  I was feeling pretty jaded and not looking forward to spending several days in L.A. or another four in San Francisco for that matter. I calculated the loss I’d make from traveling home and after talking to dad and realising I’d probably break even I booked an early flight home and an overnight ride on a greyhound bus.

San Francisco can be a beautiful city. The houses and hills alone make it a city worth visiting, you don’t need to pay for great views of the city, you just need to navigate your way through China Town and climb to the highest point of Sacramento Street and there you get a taste of what locals rave about. For a view that some tourists almost get run over for go a block or so over to California street and there you’ll see street cars and a nice view of the bridge.

I really enjoyed exploring the city, I spent the majority of my time there on foot, walking down random streets, stepping into bookstores and dancing to live music. On my last night in town, Courtney (the manager of the hostel) and I walked down to Target and got supplies for some serious baking. We ended up making sugar cookies and decorating a whole gingerbread village.

I felt pretty loved at the hostel, when I told Ryan from the hostel I was leaving he just shook his head, ‘no no no no, this is a bad dream, no Lucie’. Needless to say, if I ever make my way back to San Francisco I’ll definitely have to stop by the Pacific Trade winds Hostel and even potentially work there for a month or so.

Although I am ready to return home, I am sad to leave the U.S., and know that my fatigue probably came more from a lack of motivation and direction than anything. In saying that, I’d happily live the rest of my life without passing through L.A. again, just sayin’… I can easily see myself returning to Yosemite National Park and hanging out at the climber’s camp again or working at the hostel for a little while to escape the routine of normal life.

Anyway, I named this post the 5th December because I lost that day somewhere in transit from the U.S. to China and it seems only appropriate to commemorate it in some way.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my travel blog and for those of you in Australia, I’ll see you soon. For those of you overseas, I’m sure we’ll catch up one of these days…

x Lu


This is my '38 hours in transit' face.

This is my ’38 hours in transit’ face.

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