Leaving, arriving, etc-ing..

Iguana on back…I love how this guy rolls.

Leaving New Orleans made me want to cry a little and knowing I can no longer roll into a takeaway shop for genuine fried chicken at midnight is a depressing thought, but I’m sure my little pot belly is thanking me.

After New Orleans we made our way back to the west coast and experienced the culture shock of traveling from a culturally rich and vibrant setting to L.A.

Luckily we only had to stick around L.A airport for a few hours and were soon back in San Francisco chilling out with Taylor’s housemates and strolling the streets of S.F.

We spent a night in S.F., caught up with some of Tay’s friends and then took a late train the following afternoon to Sacramento for some family time and a thanksgiving feast.

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take any photos of the meal Tay’s dad served up because it was colossal. Of course there was turkey, but aside from that there was mashed sweet potato drenched in bourbon, strawberry salad, normal mash, savoury bread pudding, cantaloupe salad and a heap of other things. We all stuffed ourselves silly and then pushed ourselves to the limit with apple and blackberry pies and some very tasty wine…and continued to do this for the next two days straight.

After Sacramento we headed back to S.F., for Tay’s last night in the U.S. and hit the town with two of her housemates. We went to a gig that one of her housemates described as minimalist house/techno and it made me realise how much I crave and depend upon a decent beat when I dance..the whole time I felt like I was just jerking around and not really achieving much. I couldn’t help but recall a talk given by my school nurse eight years prior in which she said there are several levels of intoxication and level three is when you’re so drunk that you think you’re dancing like a rockstar, but the reality is quite different…

We got home around 1 am and a few hours later I was hugging Tay goodbye and watching my travel buddy of two months leave for a new adventure abroad. I went back to bed and woke up several hours later feeling like a lot of the past two months was just a dream, it’s crazy to think two years ago now this whole trip had just been some random idea that we’d chucked around in my lounge room back in Melbourne.

So now I’m traveling solo for the last leg of my trip. For these past three days I’ve just been wandering around the city, just soaking it in.

I’ve overheard some funny conversations –

Man – I wish I was a good person

Woman – Well, that’ll never happen…

And today after embarrassingly choking on my own saliva in front of a group of people at the hostel I made a quick exit and went down to the pier to watch the sea lions bathe in the afternoon sun, afterward I casually strolled home and on a whim stopped by a shop and bought some homemade rose and cardamom gelati. I continued my stroll, gelati in hand and stumbled upon a woman taking a crap on the street whilst laughing. Oh man, life.

The streets of San Francisco

Sea lions on Pier 39

You know, I’ve always wondered about these signs.

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