Photos first, thoughts later.

Kaki King doing her thing

Kyle and Kaki

What you do when your friend is getting ink

Kelly Castle

Tay, Keisha, Destiny and I think Darius is in there somewhere too..

Home made pierogies!

…and sweet treats care of Randall.

Asa and I looking very drunk and a little crazy

Tom and the infamous incense stick.


Moogs and I.

Amanda and I (and my chewing gum)

…things to remember. My home in North America.

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2 Responses to Photos first, thoughts later.

  1. stellestella says:

    Lucie,Fantastic pictures. Love the view from your home above, Have you been seeing a lot of awesome graf art? I bet you have! I love the picture of your friend’s face and the $note, had me laughing at my work desk :D You look beautiful and glowing with fun, no need to wonder if your having a grand ole’time. Your going to come back with an even wilder, happier heart i can see.Miss you Lulu. Xx Did my other message get to you?

  2. lucille1989 says:

    Hey StellaBellaStar!
    I actually haven’t seen much graffiti, but I’m going to get my fix in LA and possibly SF in my last few weeks. EEK! It’s going so quickly – I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, because I’m running out of the cashiola.
    And yessum, having a lot of fun! I’m in New Orleans now, went to a random gig tonight and going to another tomorrow.
    Looking forward to seeing your beautiful face one of these days : )
    xx Lu

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