Post Sandy.

This tree was apparently over 100 years old….the car it crushed was called an ‘Infinity’..

Absolutely massive comment on the ladies pose.

After being housebound for a whole day, I woke up relatively early (compared with yesterdays sleep in till 1 pm) and hit the street. It was still raining quite a bit and a little windy but I just needed to get out of the house. I turned a way I haven’t taken before and just explored the neighbourhood for a half hour or so. When I got back the others still hadn’t woken up, so I busied myself with a cup of tea, a good book and a bowl of soup – after about an hour the rest of the group stirred and Taylor was just as keen to escape the house as I had been. So we set off about an hour later and explored the streets, about two blocks from the apartment a massive tree had fallen down and was obstructing the whole street. As we were standing there an elderly man came up and started talking to us  – ‘that tree is over a hundred years old’ he said in his soft New York accent. ‘I remember that tree from when I was a little boy’….After seeing the tree Tay and I just started to randomly wander down streets and eventually found ourselves in Prospect Park. A lot more trees had fallen in Prospect and people were all over the place taking photos.

More damage in Prospect Park.

I was really keen to see the Brooklyn Cemetery, which is recommended by a lot of people as a ‘must do’ in the Brooklyn area – it really is a beautiful cemetery. We headed over that way and walked what must have been another twenty blocks or so. Unfortunately the cemetery was closed, but we could see through the gates and the place was all rolling hills and old tombstones. Beautiful.

I’ve become obsessed with taking photos of people taking photos.

We kept walking another twenty, thirty or forty blocks or so back in the direction of Dumbo, which is right under the Manhattan Bridge. We were walking for ages, and along the way we saw more fallen trees, bits of signs scattered across the roads, lights flashing and heard plenty of sirens from every direction. As I understand, Manhattan was much worse affected – in Brooklyn it just felt like a heavy rainstorm had passed through, and nothing more really.

This building really captured my attention.


The Manhattan

Bridges are back in operation but the subway and tunnels are still down – we’re moving into Manhattan tomorrow to stay at a hostel for one night before catching a Greyhound overnight to Canada.

After about five hours of walking we made one final stop at a little Bagel shop. I got a tasty little sesame bagel with jalapeno cream cheese – yum yum.

Talk soon, x L

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