4 things I didn’t know..

…I hate to sound morbid, but I can really see a great Gary Larson comic in this life cycle somewhere..

1 – Salmon die after laying eggs. Upon the advice of a local, we visited a river in South Lake Tahoe to watch Salmon spawning. Little did we know that this meant watching fish lay eggs and then die. All along the bank and in the stream there were dozens of dead fish in various states of decay and the whole place reeked.

So this is how brussels sprouts grow!

2 – Brussels sprouts grow on long stems and you can just rip them straight from the stem. Strangely, they sell them like this in a lot of shops here – it actually makes a lot of sense and would save a hell of a lot of manual labour for the farm.

Music heaven

3 – Amoeba Music may be in a slightly dodgy part of Haight Street in SF but it is worth the trek. It is bigger than any JB Hifi I have ever been in and sells new and used vinyls, cds, dvds, posters and  music related paraphernalia. We spent over an hour in this place (and possibly $300-400 between us) and it still didn’t feel like enough time.

..it’s only logical

4 – If you’re good friends, it’s only logical that you make a cereal together.

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