Hey guys,

Just a post to say that I arrived in LA fine and am currently sitting in the hostel on my computer being very antisocial.

I had a pretty disorganised departure, as some of you may know from my text. So basically I was going to have one of those relaxing departures after a small get together on Sunday night, but after a quick trip to the supermarket and my housemates car breaking down we thought it might be wise for me to stay in the city at a friends and catch the Skybus in the morning. This basically meant packing my bag in about 30 minutes and only remembering to pack bras at the suggestion of Justine (thanks!).

Upon arriving at the airport the next morning I got off at the wrong stop, stood in the wrong line and then to top it off, discovered when I got to the desk that I needed to have my ESTA number. I was feeling a bit panicky and started scrolling through emails looking for the damn thing. I couldn’t find it at all and had these crazy thoughts running through my head that I wouldn’t be going to the States and that the airport was actually my final destination (bit dramatic). I called Justine (there is a theme here of Justine been my go-to-girl) and got her to scroll through my emails as well, just in case, she couldn’t find it either and I basically had the word ‘shit’ running through my head like some kind of sound track to my very existence. As a last ditch effort I accessed the ESTA website and discovered that I could actually retrieve the number through there, praise the lords! During this little debacle I had put my bag on the conveyor belt and when I came back to the desk singing and dancing that I had found the number the girl asked if I had moved my bag from the conveyor belt…’ah no’….she looked at the conveyor belt, looked at me and just said ‘oh shit’. Obviously a popular word in Australia…. So my bag had been sent off into transit land sans tags or any sort of identification, they radioed through, got my details, a description of the bag and told me it would be at the other end. I was starting to feel like I was flying by the seat of my pants without a clue…while all of this was happening I had also noticed that a Deakin student worked at the desk, he also recognised me and I think this is one of the reasons why I didn’t lose my shit and maintained the outward appearance of calm. As I was walking away he waved me over, told me he recognised me from the library and asked if I wanted to change seats, sweet deal! I ended up getting a pretty sweet seat (as sweet as they can get in economy)….I was kind of hoping for an upgrade, but I guess all I ever did for him was check out books so I’m kind of surprised he even bothered to say hello.

Okay, this is long! And I’ve got a beach to sit on, but the rest of the trip was fine! I slept A LOT on both flights and during the stop in China befriended a Dutch girl called Fam who I sat on the floor with drinking hot water (bizarrely, there was no cold water and very little air con in China) and doing Yoga.

Right now I’m hanging with Tay at the hostel, she’s having peanut butter on toast and I’m a little jealous, I think I’ll go get on that!

Lots of love, Lu xx

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2 Responses to Alive!

  1. Anastasia says:

    Hurrah! Sorry it was all such a nightmare. But you’re there now! Enjoy xxx

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