Yesterday was crazy busy and I didn’t get a chance to write my three day countdown, I’m a bit bummed because I actually had some kooky little facts to share, but NOW YOU WILL NEVER KNOW! …that was dramatic.

Anyway, day two – should it have a theme? I think so. So 2 days left, and the random facts and thoughts I’m going to share with you, revolve around the number two, and things I can’t live without.

1. Music – it flows through my veins and gives me happiness. Music and dancing are essential elements for me. If I do eventually go deaf, I’m going to have to invest in some serious speakers with plenty of bass that will allow to still keep a beat and stay relatively sane.

2. Healthy friendships – I’m so lucky to have so many awesome people in my life who I have good relationships with. It’s pretty rare to meet people who you click with and who offer you damn good advice, insane laughs and allow you to shine. When I meet someone I think is good quality, I always call them a ‘keeper’. I have a lot of keepers….

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