I’m going to mark my last four days in Aus with four great things I have found on the internet in my random searching. Enjoy –

1. Danny MacAskill is a very talented bike rider. This video is addictive and inspiring, it really makes me want to get off my butt and jump on a bike, although I am in no way as capable as he. The part where he jumps into a tree on his bike is worth watching a few times…

This youtuber summed it up nicely –

Danny MacAskill: imma go for a bike ride!:)

Law of Physics: can i come???

Danny MacAskill: no

2. Don’t be deceived by the suggestive web address, this website is literally just dedicated to good looking cabins, which are often located in isolated places.

Free Cabin Porn

This blog is in the same vein….

Tiny House Swoon

3. I’ve learnt a lot from Lloyd’s blog (in fact I think I discovered the above two links via Lloyd’s blog). For me, Lloyd seems like the kind of guy who has never given up on learning for the pure pleasure of acquiring knowledge, and this blog is a testament to an obviously curious nature. My little analysis of Lloyd is starting to make me feel like a creeper, especially since I’ve never met the guy. So I’ll just stop here, and you can start reading..

Lloyd’s Blog

4. I come to this site whenever I feel like laughing in that ‘huh huh’ kind of way.

The Tragedy Series 

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