Hey all,

This is like my little post ‘Wednesday Offerings’…except it’s every day. I have six days to go and a lot to do – here’s a little slice.

1. I HAVE to spend the rest of the day preparing for my exam tomorrow, whilst all the other kids in my class have another 16 days, I have less than 24 hours. But, then I can’t help but think that all those suckers are going to be sitting an exam while I’m in Las Vegas.

2. I’ve been more than a little slack with my exercise routine, hopefully this little note to self will kick my butt into gear.

3. I’ve been writing a lot of songs and singing a lot of tunes…some actually not so bad! This gives me the opportunity to segue to Solange’s new clip – Losing You, only a teaser has been released so far, but it looks like it’s going to be a pretty awesome song/clip. It’s getting released tomorrow!



4. It’s a lot harder to write little random facts about yourself than I thought it would be, I’m also feeling VERY narcissistic.

5. So now for something completely different, Alan Jones’ recent comments that our Prime Ministers father died of shame and his subsequent shitty apology is a good example of how much of an asshole someone can be. If you feel much the same as me – feel free to sign this petition. And if you think the guy was genuine in his apology – you’re definitely in the minority.


6. The outpouring of emotion from Australians and the wider international community in response to the death of Jill Meagher has been nothing short of amazing. The unfolding of her story and the public response continues to give me chills for a plethora of reasons.


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