This time next week I’ll be on a plane, very high in the sky, and probably flying over an ocean. Very exciting! In preparation for my impending trip, I’m going to do a countdown each day of seven, six, five, four…etc… facts/random thoughts/things I still have to do. I figure the days are going to go VERY quickly, so I may as well make the most of every day and moment. 


1. My first stop in the US will be Los Angeles. I’ve been to LA once and I feel the best way to describe it is as a ‘faded city’. You can take this comment how you want, but I just remember walking out of the airport and being hit by a wall of heat. I only had eight hours to kill so I caught a bus to Santa Monica pier, lounged on the beach and passed the time spotting American flags. Everything just seemed to have this golden/orange tinge like the world was slowing turning sepia. The pavements were hot, cracked and old and the city felt like it had been lived in for much longer than any city I’ve ever been to. 

2. I have an exam on Wednesday that I’m not at all excited about. It’s on Australian vegetation and management. Can I get a ‘hell yeah’…no, no I can’t. 

3. I had a hearing test today and she said my hearing has not deteriorated since my last test six months ago. This is super exciting, but also strange because I really feel like it has. So much so, that I’m going to push that I get a referral on to a specialist, methinks I may have an enlarged vestibular aquaduct. Which would be more than a little shitty, because there isn’t much you can do about it that isn’t risky. 

4. I feel like there are so many people to see and so many things to do before I leave! I know two months will absolutely fly by, but right now it feels like it’s a long time. 

5. Earlier this week I attempted to open a new Facebook account so my family and friends wouldn’t stress while I’m overseas, so I created this thing, added a picture, wrote a little ‘about me’ section and then started to feel that my privacy was been invaded in a massive way. Upon creating my new profile I instantly had three friend requests, one from a person I’m not close to in any way and it made me remember exactly why I deleted it in the first place. So to cut a long story short, I deleted the Facebook account again and am definitely just going to blog whilst overseas. I can pretty safely say I won’t be having a Facebook account for a long time. 

6. I’m super excited to be visiting Yosemite National Park, it is ridiculously beautiful.


7. In preparation for my departure, and kind of just for the hell of it – I finally cleaned out my closet this week! After removing three garbage bags worth of clothes, my cupboard, life and mind is feeling a lot less cluttered. 


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