My online presence.

I’ve been blogging a lot lately, so sorry if you are receiving an influx of random thoughts in your inbox.

It’s been almost a year since I deleted my Facebook account, and I can happily say that I hardly ever look back and regret it. There have been a few times where I’ve feasted my eyes on content of Facebook, the lives of my friends and those of strangers. More than once I’ve strayed into my dad’s account (shameful, but true) and found myself exploring the online world, but I have to say, it makes me feel a little dirty – especially when half an hour goes by and you’ve learnt so much about so many people you hardly know and don’t particularly wish to.

It’s nice to be able to keep in touch with people, and Facebook certainly made that easier – but damn, I love getting a long email from a faraway friend, and having it as mine. And there is something ridiculously awesome about someone taking the time to attach photos to said email especially for you.

No more trawling through album after album, the photos I see are few and far between and it makes me spend a little more time looking at them, taking them in.

What I’ve learnt from this year long hiatus is that your friends can still surprise you and bumping into a past acquaintance isn’t nearly as painful when you have no idea what is going on in their life and you can ask questions without knowing the answer.

I’ve also learnt to have more respect for my own life. I don’t need to update 100 + people on my daily activities 24/7, I’m doing things for me, my friends and family (and the occasional stranger), not my news feed. I don’t want to be connected with a whole heap of people  who are interested in my life purely out of curiosity, I don’t want to begrudgingly add someone to my friends list because they ‘friend’ requested and it could get awkward and I do want to write a blog and not feel like I’ve said it all before.

Having this blog has been amazing! Reading back over past posts and knowing where I refrained from ‘spilling the beans’ has been a good experience. As I mentioned previously (in my very first blog!), I used to have a blogger account that was full of a lot of stuff that didn’t need to be said. This time round I think more about what I write and who could read it… but  I also think about what I’m feeling, saying and why.

All in all a good experience. Okay, my dad is currently bashing away at the table I’m sitting at in an attempt to reattach some bolts and it’s a little…distracting, to say in the least.

Over and out.



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