Stranger Dangerrr

I feel as though I have so many interactions with strangers, that I should almost develop an entirely separate page within my blog.

Last week I had a pretty long discussion with a man on a train, who, when I sat opposite him he muttered in a Yoda like fashion, ‘hhhmmm, natural’. He actually turned out to be a really nice guy and we had a pretty in-depth conversation about an independent newspaper that he publishes and his road back to recovery after a stroke ten years previous.

Today I had another interesting interaction. I was making my way home (this morning) after a night out. The sun was shining, birds were singing and I was listening to some pretty good tunes on my music player, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman frantically waving to me from across the street. At first, I thought it was my Aunt, she had the same body shape and was of similar age. But no, it was a complete stranger. I took my headphones off and waved back.

‘WAIT!’ She yelled and I stood there dumbly, not really knowing what I was waiting for.

A few cars passed and she crossed over to my side of the road.

I saw you from across the road walking and smiling and looking so happy! I just had to come across and tell you that I love your outfit.

She kind of stepped back to further analyse me and pointed up and down.

Yes, I love the boots and the top and how they match, I love the jeans! And you just look so happy. Are you having a good day? You look like you’re having a really good day. And the suns shining, and it’s just a beautiful day!

Then she did this really strange thing where she said ‘I’m going to give you good luck, this is my lucky scarf – I got it for my birthday‘ and she rubbed it across my face and shoulders. Interesting…. I said happy birthday to which she responded, ‘oh no, that was months ago‘. This lady just kept going and going and going. And at some point she said something like ‘you know what they call me? The chatterbox, the local chatterbox!‘. I definitely believed her. Just as I was about to walk away she called me back, ‘Lucie, I have a present for you!’ I laughed nervously and she said ‘oh, no it’s nothing like that‘…I have no idea what she meant by this, but whatever that is I’m glad it was nothing like that. From her bag she produced the business card of a local restaurant and started telling me that the food is SO delicious that she tells everyone she meets about the place. ‘THE CURRIES‘ Carol said, ‘Oh, and they make their own ice-cream‘, yeyahhhhh I replied (I was getting into the strangeness of the whole situation)….and then she said she was going there right now and wanted to know what I was doing. I weighed it up in my mind, lunch with chatterbox Carol or homework in my freezing house. ‘Oh, I’ve got homework to do‘. ‘Oh well, I’ll see you down there soon enough!’.

Actually she probably will, I was sold on the whole homemade ice-cream idea…

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