Memory games.

Recently, a friend brought up the subject of songs triggering memories. He was driving me to work, started playing an album and mentioned that it always made him think of summer… Huh, well there you go…

Haha, okay, no I actually found it quite interesting and basically made my brain explode trying to think of songs that had a similar affect upon me.

So tonight, when I was cooking dinner, I experienced something pretty similar. It was kind of sudden, there I was tossing vegetables around in a pan in a pretty dramatic way, I was feeling pretty creative so I added a splash of soy and a daub of honey – flipped the ensemble of goodness around a bit more – and lay it over a bed of couscous (it’s pretty delicious, I’m eating it right now). Anyway, so this whole process left me craving a glass of wine and triggered a memory from just over a year ago of cooking with a friend (Tay, I’m looking at you) who mentioned that she loves to cook and drink simultaneously. You’re right, it’s a flipping fantastic feeling and the best part is the food actually ends up tasting good regardless of what you make because of the booze you’ve consumed. LOVE.

And now that I’ve finished my ensemble of goodness, I’m just sitting here thinking of what other things trigger memories of friends.

One particular memory, of a time with two of my good friends, never fails to make me smile. We were at Bluesfest in Byron Bay (NSW), Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks had just finished this amazing set that left us all on a high that I could only really equate to the feeling of having quite a few shots of tequila. We were jumping out of our skin with energy and were definitely high on life. We danced out of the tent and towards the food vendors (I am seriously not exaggerating, we danced to the food vendors) only to discover that one particular vendor had halved the price of their food and were selling Panini’s for $5. We were so excited that we started yelling, OH MY GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, FIVE DOLLAR PANINI’S! We all bought one, and continued to dance, yell and consume. Ever since that day, when someone tells me to think happy thoughts, I think FIVE DOLLAR PANINI’S! It’s failsafe.

While I’m rolling out these random memories I think it is also worth mentioning strange noises. My housemate, Holla and I never shy away from making strange noises and will often greet each other in the morning by yelling out ‘Ariba’ or just making a noise that can only really be described as creature like. When we were a bit younger (over ten years ago in fact) we went to a festival on the South coast of Australia for New Years. Being young, a little adventurous and slightly rebellious, we were pretty keen to get our hands on some cigarettes. In saying that, we were also pretty saintly in a lot of ways and were afraid to actually touch the cigarettes. So at one point during the festival we were walking back to our tent and saw at our feet a cigarette. It was perfect, it hadn’t been smoked just dropped by a careless punter. We both stopped walking, started at the cigarette and then stared at each other. Instead of just picking the damn thing up and getting over our curiosity, we just looked at each other and simultaneously went ‘do do doooooooo’ in an x-file kind of way. Ever since then, when I see cigarettes that have accidentally been dropped I remember that day.

There are plenty more stories like this, and plenty of songs that trigger memories for me and I’m sure all of you have your own stories, I’d love to hear some.
x Lucie

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