Promises, Promises

I made a promise a few blogs earlier to document my sisters reaction to her massive birthday surprise.

Truth be known, before I was able to reveal the surprise my mum foiled the whole plan by accidentally writing ‘I hope you enjoy Sydney’ in a card.


She was still very excited and we were still able to surprise her with $100 and a ticket to the Sydney Opera House, but by that stage she was already pretty excited and had screamed and jumped around a little before I had the chance to get my camera out.

… mum felt pretty bad about the whole thing. It ended up been pretty funny, Estelle was reading the card out loud and started to get to the part where mum had written ‘I hope you enjoy’…and we all screamed ‘NOOOOOOOO!!!’ and Estelle just started screaming in general.

And then I made my own faux pas by writing in another card that I was going to be there with her before she got to the part about how Holly, Sheridan and I would all be there.

My family really knows how to foil a surprise!


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