A little bit of my year

I know the majority of my recent posts have been about music and bands that I’ve just discovered (and love) and I’m not going to lie, this post will also contain a bit of the same. BUT, I also think it’s necessary to write a little about how life has been in general and all the other little things going on at the moment that are worth mentioning.

So tomorrow I am finishing my year-long contract at my University’s library, which is pretty exciting. It also means that I have a Certificate III in Library services. It’s been an interesting year. About six months in I got pretty negative and critical of the whole thing, but I’m glad that I was willing to overcome that and move on with a more optimistic attitude because I have gotten a lot out of the whole experience, job opportunities aside. I’ve met some really great people and it is going to feel strange not having them as part of my every day routine. I’ve also kicked off my career in a way and now have a great little network of people I know who honestly appreciate the work I do/can do and would be willing to give me a great reference or details of a job opportunity.

One of the tangent affects of this experience has also been a boost in self-confidence. Working at the coal face of customer service can be really good and really bad. I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot more of the former than the latter. In my year at the library I’ve had students compliment me on my style, tell me they love my hair or that I have a gorgeous smile. I  had one guy tell me he wanted to photocopy all of me and take me home (definitely on the creepy side), a lady who offered me carrot juice (don’t ask), another that basically force fed me (chocolate biscuits), a PhD student who brought me champagne (thank you Merryn!) and there have been plenty of hugs and kisses from others throughout the year…I’ve really enjoyed meeting all of these different people, I’ve loved becoming part of their lives and helping them achieve goals. I like that I’ve been able to assist international students communicate their needs and lax Australian students submit their Wikipedia referenced essays on time.

Okay, to tell the truth – I did draft this for a few days because I just couldn’t figure out how to end it. My last day at the library was pretty amazing. I arrived in the morning to a present on my desk, went away for a few hours and came back to a card from one of my co workers that started the tears. Afterwards we had a morning tea where some amazing speeches were made. My supervisor said that less than five minutes into my interview he had drawn five massive smiley faces at the top of my resume. Another co-worker, Irene, who I will truly miss seeing everyday told some hilarious stories about when she knew we would get along. One in particular involved her standing at the end of an aisle just staring at me really creepily. When I eventually felt a presence and turned I just stared at her in horror, pointed and loudly whispered ‘Lord Voldemort’, she had run away laughing and I had had to try and stifle my own laughter so that I didn’t look like a complete crazy person laughing by themselves amongst the library stacks. The morning tea was so massive that all the staff continued to graze throughout the day and we still didn’t finish it by 5 o’clock. Every body baked amazing food and I was given this amazing gift that Irene had chosen out that consisted of a travel diary, some plane essentials (eye mask and bag tag) as well as a $100 shopping voucher. There were lots of tears! At the end of the day Irene gave me more presents. One was a picture of Tin Tin and Captain Haddock (inside joke) and another was a massive 1.5 kg back of Hershey’s Peanut Butter Cups. It. was. amazing.

So there is so much more I could say about my year at the library, it was jam packed – there were sometimes when I honestly thought I wasn’t cut out for it, times when I was down down down (as the Noisettes would say – segue to a music video of some music I recently discovered)

…sorry about that….but working at the library was also an amazing experience that I’ll never forget and it did teach me so much about work and career opportunities.

Okay I’ve talked a lot, and it’s about time I got my butt out of bed and worked off some of the caramel tarts, cheesecake and other sugary things I consumed on Friday.

Time to run, baby, run!


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