It is, a Thailand.

Finally…some silence. A calm I haven’t experienced for just long enough to notice.

I’ve been in Thailand since about 6 a.m. Saturday morning and, although there is still the constant hum of cars and other alternative modes of transport passing by the faded hotel I’ve taken up residency in, it is a type of silence I have come to appreciate in this busy and vibrant place.

So, I’m kicking back in my hotel room, focusing on nothing more than my thoughts and the drum of my hands across the keyboard, it feels like a type of meditation.

These last few weeks are all a bit of a blur, as I previously mentioned I’ve been spending my weekends in Melbourne volunteering for the jazz festival as an artist minder. I looked after some fantastic bands who made my life as a volunteer very easy and rewarding…and at some point during the first weekend I bumped into a friend of a friend, the next weekend the same thing happened – although it was a little more planned that time round – and then on Thursday I went to his gig and started to make mental notes on why you shouldn’t go to the gig of a person you have a thing for.

So since Thursday I have found myself in Thailand, doing some work for my dads educational production business and have, I hate to say it, been counting down the days till I get back to Melbourne and to the optimism of my suddenly surprising life. Although, I think it’s about time I did a bit of a reality check, which is kind of why I started writing this post in the first place. This week (and a bit) in Thailand is all part of what this year holds for me and it’s these times that make life surprising and me, optimistic.

I’m rattling on a bit here so I’ll wrap it up with fifty words I think describe my time in Thailand thus far.

Heat and air conditioning, always inappropriately dressed for something, food, food GLORIOUS food. Cheap, cheap, cheap (I’ve said this so much, I feel like a bird), superior style and transport, ridiculous waste, …interesting…smells… tasty green-tea ice-cream, sun, wind, smog and rain, languid days, sleeping soi dogs and beautiful Thai smiles.

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