Inspire me.

Okay, so stats is getting me down. But let’s put this in perspective.Yes, I was doing statistics homework last night and kicked off this morning with a heavy dose of standard deviation and null hypotheses about things I don’t give a damn about, but that’s right now. That’s just yesterday and today. And if I finish this bs today and study for my exam on the 12th June then that’s just one fortnight of hell compared to an awesome year that has so far included a trip to Borneo, an amazing festival, Charles Bradley gyrating half naked on a stage and so many other great things. And In less than a month I will be in another country once again and in less than six months I will be heading off to the states for two months.

How the hell can I complain about my current situation when, in the grand scheme of things, it will seem like this shitty-ness never even occurred.

So while I may feel like this right now  –

And on the 12th I will feel like this –

A few days after, when I’m enjoying the balmy weather of Thailand, life is going to feel good. Oh, then I’ll probably get my results and I’ll feel shit for a little while, but let’s not think about that right now….

Back to the stats!

xx Lu

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