Learning guitar and other things.

Learning guitar is hard. It’s making me feel admiration for even the shittiest of guitar players, especially the ones that can play a bar chord without making it sound like you’ve stumbled upon the place where harpsichords go to die.

But, it definitely has it’s rewards. I mean, not many things come close to the feeling you get when you master a bar chord…more than once. Or when you play something that sounds vaguely like a song you’ve heard on radio, yeah – that does feel good.

So my life at the moment is dedicated to guitar and statistics. It’s a strange mix and one definitely acts as an escape from the other.

I also had a hearing test today, and the audiologist confirmed what I already felt, that my hearing has deteriorated over the last two years. For some frequencies quite significantly (from 25 decibels down to 40 for one particular frequency). It’s disappointing, I mean we’re talking about my good ear here, the one I rely on for my day to day communication. So, I’m a bit pissed about that and worried and angry and sad and all those things. What I’ve basically lost from a drop in decibels is the ability to properly hear soft sounds and consonants. I had noticed that I’ve become quite hopeless at hearing individual letters such as p, t, f … stuff like that. And this is the reason.

Yeah, so I’m going to have another test in six months and we’ll see where I go from there. But, it’s weird. What if I do go completely deaf? I’d probably become a much more consistent blogger for one thing, but it would be strange, to go deaf at an age where I’ve already grown accustomed to communicating with my voice and to lose music would be a bit devastating.

Thoughts, thoughts thoughts.

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